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About Audrey


Who am I? What am I passionate about?


I am a mother, a seeker, a creative problem solver. I coach because I believe in you. I know transformation is possible because I’m living it. Every time I turn around something more beautiful than I could have previously imagined shows up in my life. This beauty has come to me as a result of a deep commitment to bravery and growth. I choose to show up, face my fears and do it anyway. It’s worth it. Every. Single. Time.


It hasn’t always been this way.  My child was born with multiple medical challenges. The ensuing years of intensive caregiving were fraught with anxiety, isolation, sleeplessness and despair. They distilled me down to my essence. I had no time or patience for anything beyond survival. 12 years later I found myself staring at an ancient resume wondering how to rejoin the world of paid work. My previous administrative career had never been fulfilling. My thoughts swirled. Who was I now? How would I start over?

A friend offered me work cleaning as I sought direction. I was surprised to find the house  unsanitary and unsafe. Over several sessions I had removed dozens of bags of trash and made safe walking paths. I researched possible causes and shared the information and tools I found with him. We worked with his therapist to improve his living situation and build the skills he would need to maintain it. 


One referral led to another and Soundview Organizing was born. It was an unexpected career direction that helped me identify my strengths. My clients spoke of not being judged or shamed, of being heard and empathized with and of feeling better after each visit. Local therapists referred my services. It turned out that the persistence, patience and empathy I gained from caregiving were the most valuable tools I had to offer. Taking my clients feedback to heart, I shifted my primary goal from organizing to empowerment. I pursued an education in coaching and group facilitation to develop the skills to assist my clients on a deeper level.


As I helped my clients make change, I did as well. I could no longer set aside the desperate unhappiness in my marriage.  I had made myself small to fit into a box I had long outgrown. Multiple rounds of marriage counseling yielded little. I could stay married or I could grow into myself, not both. I didn't know it at the time, but the decision to move on would set us both free.


The emotional cost of divorce plus 15 years of intensive caregiving had taken their toll. A year after asking for a divorce I hit complete burnout. I thought I would rest for a weekend and keep going, like I always had. This time was different. I couldn’t function, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t take care of my child. 


Healing was a slow process. I rested, cried, sought counseling and support. I needed to live again. Committing to large scale change unleashed years of pent up growth. I experimented and explored and stumbled into an exponentially more beautiful life. I rejoined the worId and found a dance community, cuddle parties, new friends, and even dated a little. I learned to say no on a regular basis and to not take on the responsibilities of others. 


There came a time when  my transformation was undeniable. Friends told me they had never seen me so happy, sparkly, alive. They said that watching me gave them inspiration to create their own change. I had feared the losses brought on by letting go of my old life. Instead the result was a richer, more joyful life. Empowered people empower others. Come join me, the world needs you.

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