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A picture of Audrey smiling and sitting on the  sidewalk with her back aginst a building wall.

"I have LOVED working with Audrey! She is a fantastic coach. She is an attentive listener. She intuitively notices the things I say that need more inquiry and she gently asks permission to explore it. Audrey is always attuned to my mood, concerned for my well-being, and attentive to what's coming to the surface. She never judges or shames me and is supportive in helping me work through complicated feelings and choosing action items that are inspiring and motivating.
I have experienced a number of really wonderful breakthroughs! My session this week was THE BEST EVER!
I'm so grateful that she uses her time, talent, and expertise to help others. I receive so much benefit from my sessions with her. THANK YOU, AUDREY!!!"
Amy Curry
Authenticity Educator, Coach, Facilitator

"I would (and have) recommend Audrey Hamel’s coaching to anyone looking for life changing support. I have been going through major tumultuous stuff and Audrey’s coaching has been invaluable to me. It’s incredible how she is able to personalize each session to whatever I want to work on. No matter what it is, she listens, empathizes, understands where I’m coming from and helps me develop a real action plan or path forward that works. Audrey has a real gift for coaching and I am so grateful to be working with her."

Katrinka Marrie
Director of Operations
Speak With Purpose

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